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Welcome to the ULTIMATE Online Poker guide for Kuwaiti players!

In this guide, at Kuwait Casino, we will tell you what are the best online casino Poker sites.

You will also learn Poker Online rules, types, strategies, bonuses and what are poker hands, ranked!

Poker has been a well-known card game for years. You can play it cosy at home with friends or family.

But if you want to have the real experience, you play it in online casinos at a professional virtual poker table, where you often play for real money.

In some countries, it’s even seen as a real sport.

Online Poker Kuwait
Online Poker Kuwait

Top 10 Online Poker Kuwait Sites

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Online Casino Poker Rules

The rules for Online Casino Poker Rules are basically the same as the rules for offline poker. In both, online and offline poker, you play at a table with 2 to 10 opponents.

Poker is played with a deck of 52 cards, the game cards.

The only difference between online poker and the offline poker game is that online you often work with a time limit, also known as a shot clock.

So, if you play online poker, you must deal with more time pressure. At the same time, this ensures that the games go even faster.

Normally, every round, another player is assigned the role of dealer. In online poker, this is different. In general, you don’t play against other players, but in Online Poker Kuwait, you play against the dealer. 

Here is the general gameplay for Poker Online Games:

Online Casino Poker Terms To Know

Check out these common online poker terms you should know if you want to sound like a real pro and show off in front of your friends and opponents!


These are the 5 cards that the poker player is holding. By making combinations of these cards, the player must reach the highest possible value


The cards you play with. In online poker, that is a set of 52 playing cards.

Small Blind

This is the first player to the left of the dealer. This poker player has to bet a certain amount to keep the poker game interesting.

This player bets even before he has seen which cards he has been dealt, so that’s why it’s called blind.

Big Blind

In addition to the small blind, there is also a big blind in online poker. The big blind player sits on the left side of the small blind and is, therefore, the second player to the dealer’s left.

This player is called big because he must put in twice the bet of the small blind.


If you have received bad poker playing cards from the dealer during casino poker online, you may choose to discard them and exchange them for new cards. This is called a fold in online poker.


When you check during an online poker game, you choose to don’t bet at all. This is only possible if you are not obliged to bet.


You can also choose to bet exactly the same as the big blind. Are you going with that? Then you choose to call the online casino.


In poker, you can also raise. That is superlative. You increase the bet and even bet more chips than the big blind has put in.

Poker face

A facial expression without emotions.

When a player doesn’t want to show whether he has good or bad cards, he can keep his face as tight as possible so as not to betray anything about the cards he has in his hand.

It’s a famous expression, but in online poker, it’s less useful of course. 

Online Poker Hands: Ranked From Strongest to Weakest

Ultimately, online poker Kuwait is all about the total value of the poker cards you have in your hand. But when is the value of your poker hand high? Which cards are strong, and which cards are less valuable? It’s all about the combinations you make with them. The highest possible combination you can have in your hands in online poker is the royal flush. Below you will find all the possible poker card combinations in a row:

Number 1 : Royal Flush: An Ace, 10, Jack, Queen & Kind of the same suit.

Number 2: Straight Flush: 5 consecutive cards of the same suit.

Number 3: Same card in all 4 suits

Number 4: Full House: 3 same cards in 3 different suits + 2 same cards in 2 different suits.

Number 5: Flush: 5 Random cards of the same suit.

Number 6: Straight: 5 consecutive cards (can be different suits)

Number 7: Three of a Kind: Same card in 3 different suits.

Number 8: Two Pairs: 2 same cards in different suits + 2 same cards in different suits.

Number 9: One Pair: 2 Same cards in different suits.

Please note that if you do not manage to have any of the combinations above, you will play using your ”High Card”, that is the highest ranking card available in your hand.

Cards are ranked from high to low like this: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, & 2.

Among all 4 suits (spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs), none is higher than the other.

For example, if you have this hand:: A♦, Q♥, 9♥, 5♣, 3♦, then Ace Diamonds is your high card.

Variations of Online Casino Poker

There are lots of Online Poker variations and each player has a different taste.

However, the below 5 types stand out and are definitely the most famous among casino players, friendly poker games, and free online poker games.

Texas Hold’em

A classic poker game consisting of 4 rounds where each player has to create the strongest hand out of 7 cards, whereby 5 are on the table face up shown to all players and 2 for every player which are not to be shown to others.

Seven-Card Stud

This card was a hit before Texas Hold’em took over.

You get 7 cards where 3 are face down and 4 are face up and you have to make the best 5-card combination

Five-Card Draw

Every player is dealt 5 cards and then the first betting round takes place.

The difference in this poker variation is that you can exchange up to 3 cards.


Very similar to Texas Hold’em. The only difference is that each player receives 4 cards instead of 2.

But they can only use 2 of them to form a hand along with 3 cards on the table (out of 5).

High Low Chicago

In High Chicago, the player with the highest spade card face down wins half the pot.

In Low Chicago, the player with the lowest spade card wins half of the pot (A♠ being the lowest)

Online Poker Kuwait Tips & Strategies

Online Poker does not only depend on luck, it requires a lot of experience and strategical thinking.


One of the first things we can recommend is to practice a lot. There are many ways and tactics to play online poker. No round of online poker is the same. So, make sure you first practice online with free poker games before you start betting real money. Especially when you play online poker, the poker game goes a lot faster. The advantage of casino poker online is that you can also record your round. This way you can later review and analyze the online poker game you just played.


By bluffing well, you can put your opponents at the poker table on a completely different track. A very important skill in offline poker but online it’s difficult to apply. You can bluff in the live cardroom by putting in some extreme bets for example. It’s complicated to decide if it’s a bluff or not because you cannot see the faces or expressions of the other players.

Online Poker opponents

It is important during an online poker game to pay close attention to your opponents. They can also bluff or give other signals. Pay close attention to the actions of your fellow players to find out how they play. If you know how your opponents play the online poker game, you can adjust your playing style accordingly and outsmart them. But also this will be more complicated for online poker, compared to offline poker.

Mathematical Analysis

There are a lot of poker strategies and tactics to use when playing online poker Kuwait. Many strategies are especially interesting for advanced poker players. Mathematics and statistics can play an important role for example. But applying mathematical analysis while sitting at the online poker table under pressure takes a lot of experience

Player Character

To become a good poker player, either you must be talented, or you have to practice a lot. In addition, in online poker, it’s useful to have certain character traits. Patience, discipline, and adaptability play an important role at the poker table in the online casino.

Online Poker Kuwait Bonuses

Online poker comes in many different variants. As a result, there are also various bonuses to get you off to a good start.

Online casinos offer poker registration bonuses for starters, VIP poker bonuses for the avid visitors of the online casino with many nice extras and of course also there are return bonuses for online poker players.

When you come back to play online poker and you deposit money a second or third time, you will be warmly welcomed by the online casino with a nice playing bonus to enjoy another online poker game.

Let’s take a look at what our top online poker Kuwait casinos offer exclusively:

Online Poker Kuwait FAQ

Is there a difference between online poker and classic poker?

Ther eis only one main difference which is speed! Online poker is much faster than classic poker because you have a certain number of seconds to make a decision and the cards are dealt through a computer.

How to play online Poker?

Each player places their bets, cards are dealt, some of them are face down to you and some are face up on the table. The goal is to create the highest hand combination out of these cards.

Where can I play online Poker Kuwait?

Kuwaiti players will be happy to know that these casinos provide great conditions for online poker Kuwait: Betfinal, 888Poker, Betway Poker, 22Bet, 1XBet, YYY Casino,, Haz Casino, Genesis, and Regent Play.

Is online Poker Kuwait Legal?

Technically online Poker Kuwait is allowed, but for maximum security, you can use VPN whiule playing poker onlne.

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