Crazy Time Live


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Crazy Time Live is considered one of the most exciting games on the Internet to earn real money.

It is a game rich in bonuses and multipliers that are highly dependent on luck.

You can play once per minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with real live dealers.

The Live casino escorts you to the studio with an exciting atmosphere to enjoy a unique experience where the host or hostess welcomes you, and helps you enjoy this game to earn a lot of money and get rewards. Imagine that you can multiply your bet to 20,000 time or more.

Learn where and how to play Crazy Time Live with Kuwait Online Casinos.

Learn the pay-out rate and some Tips, and most importantly:

Get to know the bonus rounds: Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip & Crazy Time!

Crazy Time Live logo
Crazy Time Live Logo

Play Crazy Time Casino Game in Kuwait!

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Crazy Time Live Gameplay

Crazy Time is a very easy and uncomplicated game. Therefore, all casino lovers can play it easily, as it does not require experience.

Let’s see the key features or rules of Crazy Time Live:

  • Inside the live studio, there is a huge wheel divided into 54 parts in different colours.
  • Each part contains a number (1, 2, 5 or 10) or a bonus round (Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, Crazy Time).
  • The player can bet each round on the different numbers and bonuses where he thinks that the huge wheel of money will stop
  • At the beginning of each round, the dealer spins the wheel to stop at a specific box and determine the winner’s option. If the wheel stops at a number chosen by the player, he will get his money directly and then start a new round.
  • If the wheel stops at a bonus round, the host will move to another game that is completely different from what preceded it in another studio and other atmospheres.
  • If you had bet on that bonus round, you participate, if not, you spectate.
Crazy Time Wheel

Crazy Time Live Pay-outs

SegmentAppearance on the WheelPay-out
121 timesX1 + Your Original Stake
213 timesX2 + Your Original Stake
57 timesX5 + Your Original Stake
104 timesX10 + Your Original Stake
Pachinko2 timesUp to 155,000 KD
Cash Hunt2 timesUp to 155,000 KD
Coin Flip4 timesUp to 155,000 KD
Crazy Time1 timeUp to 155,000 KD
Crazy Time Live Pay-outs

Crazy Time Slot Feature

It is important to note that the game has on top of the Crazy Time Wheel, a slot consisting of two reels.

The left reel contains your possible betting options which are: 1, 2, 5 , 10, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time.

The right reel often contains multipliers.

Here’s how it works: If you placed a bet on the number 10, and the wheel stop at 10, you win your stake times 10 as usual. But if the left reel of the slot also stops at 10, then you get your winnings multiplied by the multiplier, which will be shown on the right reel of the slot.

Crazy Time Slot

Crazy Time Live Bonus Rounds

It is special to know the smallest details in the Crazy Time game, so we will look for an in-depth explanation of Crazy Time rewards. 

You encounter the bonus Coin Flip the most on the wheel of crazy time casino online with 4 times. Crazy Time, on the other hand, only appears once on the wheel.

The other two bonuses, Pachinko and Cash Hunt both occur twice.

The crazy time game by Evolution really gets fun when the wheel stops on one of these bonuses. All players who have bet on the bonus round can play this live bonus game.


  • Pachinko is the online casino game based on the pinball machine. Which is especially well known in Japan.
  • The live host drops a ball from above into the pinball machine.
  • The ball then follows a route along many nails and eventually ends up in a certain price box. This is a nerve-racking event. You follow in the online casino live how the ball ends up in one of the boxes with a number.
  • Your bet is multiplied by this number. The live host takes you along in his full enthusiasm, which increases the tension even more.
  • In addition, there is also some kind of bonus within the bonus game of crazy time online: the “double” box. Does the ball end up here? Then all numbers in the pinball machine are doubled during this crazy time game round.
  • The bonus round Pachinko occurs in total two times on the wheel of crazy time casino 

Cash Hunt

  • During this bonus round, you hunt the chips on the screen. Each chip has a number. The chips are turned over so that you don’t know which price is behind it. 
  • The intention is that you shoot digitally at these chips during this crazy time game. The idea is very simple, but very nice.
  • As soon as you hit, the chip turns over, and you see which multiplier was hidden behind it in this crazy time casino online.
  • The multipliers on the chips can go up to 50. When you hit multiple chips, you can win huge prizes! The Cash Hunt bonus round appears twice on the crazy time casino wheel.

Coin Flip

  • In this online casino live game, we don’t call it heads or tails, but we play with blue and red.
  • The live host tosses the coin in the air. You follow from your screen which side is up.
  • If it is red, you win your bet times the multiplier associated with red.
  • If it lands on blue, you win your bet times the multiplier associated with blue in this crazy time game.
  • The multiplier is different every time. In the best-case scenario, you can even win 5,000 times your stake if the coin lands on the correct colour.
  • Coin Flip is the most common of all bonus games on the crazy time live wheel. Every game round, you have four chances to reach the Coin Flip bonus round of crazy time casino.

Crazy Time

  • You can win the highest prizes with the Crazy Time bonus game.
  • This bonus game is named after the live crazy time game from the online live casino and only appears once on the wheel.
  • The chance that the flipper will land on this box is therefore small, but if it does, your chance of winning big prices is extra high!
  • The live host takes you through a door to another room in the live studio.
  • There you get three arrows (Green, Blue and Yellow).
  • You choose which arrow colour you want, and the one which that arrow stops at will be your multiplier.
  • Same as Pachinko bonus, if your arrow lands on ”double” the multipliers are doubled, and you spin again

Crazy Time Strategies

Crazy Time is one of Evolution Gaming’s best innovations, as it simplified the game to attract the largest number of beginners and professional players, who are looking to make a lot of money with simple ways and an exciting atmosphere. Therefore, we will present the most important Crazy Time strategy to get the best results.

Martingale strategy

is strategy is very easy for novice players, who want to get a lot of money and prizes. This strategy has been used in the famous game of roulette, and all you need is a certain budget. Therefore, this strategy is to bet on all four fields at the bottom of the screen. If you get one of your fields, you will play the bonus round and earn your winnings. If you are unlucky and fail to reach your field, you will double your bet on the next and on as well.

Probabilistic strategy

This strategy is based on challenge and patience, all you must do is watch the last 60 rounds. Therefore, you will find hitting some fields more than others.
Here you must choose the appropriate fields when you find bonus fields that take more than six rounds.

Low-volatility strategy

In this strategy, the player distributes the largest number of bets on the areas of the Crazy Time wheel, and in this way the player was able to cover 50% of the fields, increasing his chance of winning one of the big prizes. He also managed to bet on five options out of the eight possible.

Crazy Time Live FAQ

Where can I play Crazy Time Live in Kuwait?

Go to any of the recommended casinos in our list as they are all safe and have games powered by Evolution Gaming. You can play Crazy Time Live there.

How do I play Crazy Time Live?

Playing Crazy time live is very easy, just place your bet on either 1, 2, 5, 10, or bonus games Pachinko Crazy Time, Coin Flip, or Cash Hunt and if the Crazy Time Wheel lands on your choice you win.

What is the maximum amount I can win through Crazy Time Live?

You can win Up to 155,000 KD in Crazy Time Live, especially during the Crazy Time Bonus round.

What is the minimum bet in Crazy Time Live?

The minimum bet in Crazy Time Live can be as low as 0.031 KD.

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