Best Basketball Betting Sites In Kuwait


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Basketball Betting is among the popular sports betting in Kuwait, with the country having many domestic competitions and of course international ones.

Here, at Kuwait Casinos, you will:

  • Have an overview of Basketball
  • Learn about Basketball in Kuwait
  • Know the Best Basketball Betting Sites
  • Bet safely on basketball
  • Types of Basketball betting
  • List of Arab and international basketball competitions to bet on
  • Tips on winning basketball bets
Best Basketball Betting Sites In Kuwait
Best Basketball Betting Sites In Kuwait

List of the Best Basketball Betting Sites In Kuwait

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Basketball in Kuwait

Kuwait Basketball Association governs basketball in the state of Kuwait, also controlled the Kuwait National Basketball team.

Kuwait national basketball team has qualified for more major international basketball tournaments, more than other nation basketball teams in the Arabian region.

Kuwaitโ€™s Basketball History

The Kuwait Basketball Association was founded in 1957, then in 1959 joined FIBA. They also represent basketball with public authorities national and international sports organizations, Kuwait in international competitions.

The Kuwait Basketball Association also organizes the Kuwait national basketball team and the Kuwait womenโ€™s national basketball team.

Kuwait Basketball Team Champions

Kuwait national basketball team is one of the most powerful teams in the Arab region, and it supports by the Kuwaiti people who always enjoy sports.

The Kuwait national basketball team won Gulf Cup 1981, 1983, 1986.

Secure Basketball Betting In Kuwait

Gambling in Kuwait is prohibited, and the law prescribes punishment for it.


How To Bet Safely On Basketball In Kuwait

Best Basketball Betting Sites are filtered in Kuwait, but there are ways where you can access them without any restrictions

Virtual Private Network

We strongly recommend using a VPN because the connection will be more secure. By securing an internet connection, there are no worries about tracking.
VPN subscription in Kuwait is legal. Free VPNs are available online, but the best is being a subscriber of premium VPN service to access beneficial features such as Express VPN or Nord VPN. VPNs camouflage also codifies your IP address to remain anonymous in a country where betting is not an acceptable act.

Choose A Secure Payment Method

Kuwaiti punters could use credit cards or transfer through banks on sports betting websites, but transactions would be rejected by the National bank of Kuwait or Gulf Bank.
Instead of transactions, you should choose an anonymous banking payment method.
The best secure payment recommendations for Kuwaiti gamblers are NETELLER and Skrill, all you need to have is just an email address.
Another method is CASHU, an online wallet headquartered in Dubai.
Depositing through bitcoin also is a great way to bypass restrictions, due to the State of Kuwait’s nest of bitcoin exchanges.

Use Alternative Betting Site Links

Sometimes, even with the use of VPN, the site might freeze, or some features may not open. To avoid that, each betting site often has an alternative link. For example, has an alternative link of or

Types of Basketball Betting

There are many types of basketball bets you can choose, let’s take a look at the most common ones:

  • Moneyline ๐Ÿ€ Bet on the team that will win the game.
  • Handicap ๐Ÿ€ A virtual advantage given by the betting site to the weaker team. The weaker the team, the higher the odds. This is a way of betting on a weak team and win the bet even if they lose the game.
  • Totals ๐Ÿ€ Bet on each team’s or player’s total points, assists or rebounds.
  • Points Range ๐Ÿ€ Bet on team A or team B to win by X number of points. The number is often determined by the site. You can even bet that neither of the teams will win by X points. For example, neither Warriors nor Celtics will win by 15 points.
  • Race To X Points ๐Ÿ€ For example, Team A will reach 20 points first.
  • Odd/Even Points ๐Ÿ€ The total points of both teams in the game will add up to an even or odd number.
  • Quarter Bets ๐Ÿ€ You can bet on the total points in each quarter or who will win in that quarter.
  • Props ๐Ÿ€ Bet on the teamsโ€™ and athletesโ€™ stats. Could be on points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, 3-pointers…
  • Futures ๐Ÿ€ Long-term bets like predicting the NBA 2022 season winner (It was Warriors)

Best Basketball Betting Competitions

Basketball betting includes a wide range of Arab tournaments and international ones you can bet on:

Arab Tournaments

  • Kuwaiti Division I
  • Algerian Basketball Championship Super Division
  • Egyptian Basketball Super League
  • Libyan Division I
  • Morocco Nationale 1
  • Tunisian Division I
  • Bahraini Premier League
  • Iraqi Division I
  • Jordanian Premier Basketball League
  • Lebanese Basketball League
  • Oman Basketball League
  • Qatari Basketball League
  • Saudi Premier League
  • Syrian Basketball League
  • UAE National Basketball League

International Tournaments

  • Basketball Africa League
  • Africa Clubs Champions Cup
  • Basketball Champions League Americas
  • FIBA Americas League
  • Liga Sudamericana
  • NBA National Basketball Association
  • ASEAN Basketball League
  • East Asia Super League
  • FIBA Asia Champions Cup
  • WABA Champions Cup
  • Basketball Champions League
  • FIBA Europe Cup
  • EuroLeague
  • EuroCup

Basketball Betting Tips

  1. Follow good tipsters and check their success rate.
  2. Check teams’ schedule to see if they are playing a lot and fatigued.
  3. Bet on a top team away after they have lost their previous match. A previous loss will fire them up!
  4. Bet on underdogs that are playing at home.
  5. Check odds to see which bookmaker offered much higher odds than they should have. This is called Arbitrage betting, and you will need a software to compare the Best online Basketball Betting Sites odds.
  6. Check the line-ups for any key-player injury or absence.
  7. Stick to one league and follow it and research about it.

Best Basketball Betting Sites FAQ

How does basketball betting work?

Simply join one of the best basketball betting sites and pick the basketball league you want to bet on and choose which market you want.

Where can I bet on NBA?

Some of the best basketball betting sites like Betfinal, Betway, 1Xbet and others offer great odds on NBA betting.

Can I get a basketball betting bonus?

The best basketball betting sites offer generous welcome bonuses for you to choose and spend on the sports you want.

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